Posted on Jul 31, 2021

Spirit Inspired Healing

Energy Intuitive Healing Class

Sep 18, 2021 – Sep 25, 2021
Become an Energy Intuitive and increase your knowledge and spiritual practice.
This class is for those of you that have a previous knowledge of energy healing. It is best if you have a basis of either Reiki 1 2 or 3 (although not required) as this class will enhance your current energy healing practice.
A certificate of accomplishment will be handed out at the end of this training.
As you learn and grow over the next few months as a practitioner, this new knowledge will allow you even more skills to be of greater service.
What is an Energy Intuitive? Energy Intuitives have a vast knowledge of your Chakra System, the Mind/Body/Spirit connection and are very intuitive in nature. As an Energy Intuitive, you will learn to see, sense and feel the energy of your client’s and the energy imbalances transferring between mind, body and spirit.
This knowledge can also be used to benefit your everyday life and is not necessarily only for practitioners.
-Learn to trust your intuition and allow yourself to be guided in order to better understand and serve others.
-Learn to work with your client's to bring about change through coaching and acknowledgement of their underlying issues.
-Increase awareness and acknowledge your own inner wisdom.
-Increase your income, if this is your desire.
Space is limited. Reserve your spot now!
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