Posted on Sep 9, 2021

Spirit Inspired Healing

What can we learn from a Past Life Regression?
Learn if we have had similar or the same struggles in previous lives and stop the repetition of doing it again.
Discover the origin of unexplained pain and discomfort, sometimes leading to healing of the inflamed area.
Find out what you learned or accomplished in that past life or lives that can help you in your current life (Sometimes we experience more than one Past Life in a single regression).
Discover forgotten talents we may have that can be useful now.
Discover your soul purpose in that life and what lessons you were learning.
Discover what you should be learning now.
Release karma that may have been carried forward from another life.

Past Life to Life Between Lives Regression - While in the Spirit World we can:
Learn why we are here and which lessons we chose to work on in this life.
Learn who is helping us learn those lessons.
Learn who we are helping learn their lessons.
Find out why we chose the life we are currently living.
Discover your Soul Purpose and if you are following your Life Path and if not, learn how you can get back on path.
Find meaning and purpose in your life now.
Learn who is in your Spirit Family or Soul Group.
Learn who your main Soulmate is and if that person is currently in your life now.
Meet your Spirit Guides & Angels and hear their advice.
See and communicate with loved ones that have passed on.
Meet your Council of Elders and receive their advice.
Gain access to the Akashic Records.
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